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I'm an embedded C programmer, so why should I care about RTSC

Because components have become a pillar of modern software engineering practices.... Starting with COM and CORBA in the 1990s—used with C++ in desktop and enterprise applications—contemporary programming languages like Java or C# innately support the design, delivery, and deployment of software components. Thanks to component frameworks aligned with these languages, present-day applications are more modular, more scalable, and more flexible than ever before; software components also promote greater levels of re-use from one application to the next.

While overwhelmingly successful in the mainstream, component technology has had minimal impact on the development of embedded applications where C (still!) remains the programming language of choice. Given the constraints of time, space, and power under which most embedded systems must operate, the run-time overhead typically incurred by mainstream component frameworks is simply too high a price to pay. And yet, given the rising complexity of embedded applications coupled with a desire to field portable (and re-usable) program elements across a range of embedded processors and platforms, we C programmers continually struggle with trade-offs between developing flexible, generic—yet inefficient—building-blocks versus more specialized software optimized for one particular application domain or hardware platform.

With RTSC (pronounced rit-see), however, you can "have your cake and eat it too": requiring no more than ANSI-standard C, we effectively take the language to new heights through component tooling and infrastructure aligned with modern programming practices, and yet responsive to the unique challenges of embedded software development. Simply a better way to program in C, you can enjoy higher-level programming and higher-levels of performance with RTSC.

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