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XDCtools User's Guide

Working with the XDCtools product


Getting started

Overview of RTSC Brief introduction to RTSC and XDCtools
XDCtools Installation Guide How to install the XDCtools product
Using XDCtools Commands Setting up your development environment
Consuming Configurable Content Introduction to the RTSC configuration process
Using RTSC with CCStudio v4 Graphical support for developing using RTSC content

Working with packages and modules

Managing the Package Path Introduction to managing package paths
Using Targets and Platforms Introduction to targets and platforms
Managing Compiler Toolchains How to manage XDCtools use of your compiler toolchain
Integrating RTSC Modules Integrating RTSC modules into existing C/C++ environments
The XDCscript Language XDCscript overview
Compatibility Keys How inter-package dependencies are managed
Trouble Shooting Frequently encountered problems and their solutions

The xdc.runtime package

Overview of xdc.runtime Introduction to the xdc.runtime package
Using xdc.runtime Errors How to raise and handle runtime errors
Using xdc.runtime Gates How to serialize access to shared data structures
Using xdc.runtime Logging How to generate and control Log events
Using xdc.runtime Memory Introduction to memory management
Using xdc.runtime Startup How applications boot, run, and shutdown
Using xdc.runtime System How to boot, print a message, and shutdown
Using xdc.runtime Timestamps How to get and use timestamps
Extending xdc.runtime Gates How to provide mutual exclusion gates
Extending xdc.runtime Logging How to create customized Log Event service providers
Extending xdc.runtime Memory How to create customized heap managers
Extending xdc.runtime System How to create customized System support service providers
Extending xdc.runtime Timestamps How to create customized timestamp providers
Working with xdc.runtime How to build xdc.runtime for your target and platform

Creating new content

The best resources for learning how to create new content are the RTSC programming primers. For concrete examples that leverage the xdc.runtime package, look for topics in the "Example" category. Beyond the primers and these examples, the following topics fill in some additional details especially with respect to configuration.

RTSC Programming From primers to advanced topics
Creating Configurable Content How to leverage the configuration process
Writing getLibs() Guidelines for package getLibs() functions
ROV Module Writers Guide Customizing content presentation in the Run-time Object Viewer
RTSC Coding Conventions Coding conventions used in the XDCtools product

Frequently asked questions

Config Model FAQs General questions about the XDCtools configuration model
Build Model FAQs General questions about using the XDCtools build engine


For concrete examples, look for topics in the "Example" category.

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